Policy Statement

  • To anticipate and satisfy completely the requirements of our customers through continuing investment in plant, technology, personnel and the commitment to comply with the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • To develop a long-term partnership with suppliers and customers with integrity and professionalism being implicit in all business transactions.
  • To maintain the independence of the company by sustained, profitable growth
  • To promote an attitude of commitment and enthusiasm in all employees through training, creation of opportunities for personal advancement, recognition of achievement, and through job security.
  • To establish a pleasant working environment within the company which is compatible with the recognition of our responsibility for the general environment

Environmental Policy Statement

Pendle Polymer recognises its responsibility for the protection of the environment and has developed and will maintain an Environmental Management System that is relevant to the nature, scale and activities of the organisation in their impact on the environment in all respects.

The company is committed to comply with current and future appropriate legislative regulations and to a programme of continuous improvement in the prevention of pollution.

Compliance with this policy is controlled through a fully documented system of procedures that cover all aspects of the company’s activities in monitoring performance against set environmental objectives.

This control is effected by the performance and attitude of all employees through appropriate and adequate training.

The Environmental Management System defined in this manual are designed to meet fully the requirements embodied in ISO: 14001 and, as such, are mandatory.